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Luxury Add-Ons

Stuffed Kong

Gourmet Flavor of the Month    $5 ea

Peanut butter only                      $3 ea

Lick Mat

The perfect way to keep            $5 ea

your dog entertained. A

favorite amongst the pack!

Gourmet Pup Cup

Frozen organic yogurt                $5 ea

complete with

peanut butter, kibble and

topped with whipped cream.

Served in a pet-friendly

vanilla cone 

Salmon Oil

Add healthy omega 3 and 6      $3*

to your dog's feeding routine

while with us. This will increase

your dog's appetite and 

improve their skin / coat / fur

and joints.  * per feeding

Treat Puzzle

Does your dog experience          $6 ea

anxiety or display high-

energy behavior? If so, they

would benefit from a brain

break puzzle! 

Enrichment Walk

Enrichment walks are the         $20/20 min

perfect way for your dog to

connect to nature and

experience adventure away

from home. 

Birthday Pawty

Coming Soon! 

Lick Mat

Coming Soon! 

Basic Obedience Training

Coming Soon! 

Salmon Oil

Coming Soon! 

Departure Bath

Small Dog (under 25 pounds)         $20

Medium and up                                 $25

(over 25 pounds)

*Departure baths are shampoo scrub and towel dry only. 

Enrichment Walk

Coming Soon! 


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